X4 Labs Penis Traction Device Review

The X4 Labs Extender Review

The buzz generated by X4 Labs Penis Extender is quite unparalleled. Admittedly, there are plenty of options when it comes to penis extenders, but the reliability and consumer confidence associated with X4 Labs Penis Extender is second to none. In fact, the advent of penis traction devices is nothing short of revolutionary. Replacing the antiquated penis enlargement pump, the penis extenders are engineered to provide a multitude of benefits ranging from enhancement, enlargement, and correction of certain penile disorders.


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Penis Extender - A Primer

The penis extender is a medical device, originally developed to provide a natural and non-surgical alternative to the invasive procedures needed to correct penile curvature and Peyronies disease. While the penis extender was originally developed and designed to correct penile curvature, clinical studies indicate that the device can significantly and permanently increase the size of the penis, between 2 to 3 inches.

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More recently, clinical studies have indicated that the extender can provide significant increases in overall penis size and correct penis curvature by up to 90%. The massive number of extenders available in the market notwithstanding, leading doctors specializing in surgical and non-surgical penile augmentation from around the world, including the United States, Canada, Russia and England have adopted the X4 Extender as their recommended product.

The X4 Extender is a medically certified device and doctor approved, for in-home treatment of penile curvature and penis enlargement. Besides, it is also mildly helpful in some cases of erectile dysfunction.

X4 Labs Extender - How Does It Work

treat peyronies disease

The X4 Penile Extender device uses bodyâ€s natural ability to adapt and respond to the sustained application of force on a particular part. By applying small amounts of force to the penis, the tissues tend to break and multiply. The cellular division that occurs results in the growth of the penile shaft, both externally as well as within the internal cavities. As this occurs, the penis becomes visibly larger in both width and length. Men using the device can typically notice an increase ranging between two and three inches in length with an increase of approximately 35-50% in girth or width.

Clinical studies indicate that the device improved sexual stamina and increased the strength of erections. The X4 Labs Extender improves the natural blood circulation to and from the penis with its exclusive design and Comfort Strap Technology.

X4 Labs Extender Package

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Each X4 package includes an instructional booklet, CD-Rom with instructional video and access to the X4 Labs Information Portal, RSS Feeds, and a Free E-Book. Not only is it one of the most economical penis enlargement products but X4 Extender also provides customers with a myriad of free bonuses.

The package also includes a Seductive Sex Position DVD, which gives you a full interactive experience designed to improve your sexual performance. With over 30 positions and a spotlight feature by AskMen.com, this is the leading video guide for todayâ€s lover. This bonus DVD worth $39.99 is included at no additional cost.

Special features of this DVD include an interactive motion menu, tantalizing foreplay teasers, as well as in-depth biographies of hosts Natasha Ray and Crystal Lowe. It also includes a lovemaking mood soundtrack, designed to turn your partner on.

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