Peyronies Disease and Penile Curvature Cure

The Quintessential Penile Curve Cure!

Peyronies Disease was first understood and discussed in detail by a French surgeon named Francois de la Peyronie in 1743. What was commonly known as curved penis, Peyronie spent considerable research on the disease that affect one percent male population in the world. Peyronie further concluded that it is a type of connective tissue disorder in which the soft tissue of the male penis gets infected by the development of fibrous plaques.

How to Tackle Peyronies Disease?

It is interesting to note that not every man who suffers from Peyronies Disease or penile curvature require treatment. In some cases, the disease vanishes by itself. However, in stubborn cases, long term treatment may be required to cure the disease. Peyronies disease and penile curvature symptoms can be difficult to treat, but the modern scientific advancements have ensured that the suffered no longer have to endure pain endlessly. There are several modes available to treat Peyronies Disease and penile curvature, which may end up in completely curing the disease.

Using Drugs & Therapies to Cure Peyronies?

Tamoxifen, a drug used to effectively treat breast cancer, has shown some positive results in men suffering from initial stages of Peyronies Disease. It inhibits the growth of plaque associated with the Peyronies disease. Medical conditions, like Breast cancer and Peyronies disease, though unrelated are known to have been benefited by Tamoxifen.
The intake of vitamins belonging to the category E and B has also been found effective in easing the pain due to deformation of penis in Peyronies Disease and its treatment as well. 

Another drug called Verapamil that is commonly used to treat people suffering from high blood pressure has been observed to have noticeable positive effects on the Peyronies disease. When injected straight into the plaque, apart from reduced pain, decreased levels of plaque have also been reported by several males. 

A novel method called Extracorporeal shockwave therapy is also being used actively in a few clinics and hospitals for the treatment of Peyronies disease. The longer term effects of this type of treatment are not yet established. However, the immediate benefits are encouraging. 

Some experts have also experimented with the radiation therapy to treat Peyronies disease and penile curvature. However, one serious drawback of radiation therapy is the uncertainty of the results achieved. There might be improvements, but in some cases, patients have reported serious repercussions.

Surgeries As Peyronies Disease Cure?

The surgery is performed as an exceptional measure to treat men who are suffering from the Peyronies disease for at least a year. Once a patient reports that he has had a history of Peyronies Disease of more than a year, an assessment is carried out to find out whether the condition is stable, has deteriorated, or improved. This assessment may take around three months. Post such assessment, the Nesbitt method is used to get rid of the tissue that is opposite to the curve. This eventually results in straightening of the penis.

Another surgical method that is often utilized in Peyronies disease is the insertion of a part of the veins or a graft inside the fibrous plaque in order to increase the length of its area. In a few cases, surgical insertion of a penile prosthesis or implant is also advised.

Mechanical Devices †The Ultimate Peyronies Cure!

There are several mechanical devices available in the market that can assist in effective cure of Peyronies Disease. These mechanical devices work on traction principle to straighten the penile tissue by pulling it up gently on a daily basis. Such devices, if used regularly, can gradually do away with the curvature of the penile tissue. We recommend X4 Labs Penis Extender device for long-term, side-effects-free, and possibly, permanent cure of Peyronies.

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