Penis Extenders For Peyronies Disease

peyronies diseaseWe are all made in our own way. From the color of our hair and eyes, to our height and skin complexion we are all built differently from one another. For some of us, these differences are what make us feel unique or special. For a great many others, however, these differences represent everything they disdain about themselves. Peyronies disease is one such condition that can make a man feel less than unattractive and uncomfortable with himself.

What is Peyronies Disease

Peyronies disease is a condition qualitatively associated with scar tissue found on the penis. This scar tissue, commonly referred to as plaques, causes the penis to curve dramatically to the left, right, and in some cases straight down. In the early stages of Peyronies disease, it has been reported that there is some pain and discomfort to be felt. This pain generally subsides within the subsequent eighteen months

For years, men living with Peyronies disease were sentenced to live with this condition for the rest of their lives. It was not until a team of medical researchers thought to treat Peyronies disease by using a traction device constructed on a much smaller scale that a solution was found.

How Penis Extenders Can Be A Help

Traction is a medical term used to describe a system of weights and pulleys that are then charged with the task of changing the position of a bone, ligament or tissue. This is accomplished by applying a consistent pressure to the area to be treated.

x4 labs pexronies diseaseIn the case of Peyronies disease, the device used to treat Peyronies disease is known as a penis extender. This device was constructed by using telescopic spring loaded tension rods which apply force away from the body. Penis extenders require three basic components to make them function. The first is the base ring, which is slid up the penis shaft so that it may rest flush on the wearers pelvis. The second is the fastening material; this can be either a silicone strap, or silicone tubing which wraps around the penis and attaches to the third and most important of these components. The support piece is the component which cradles the penis as it is gently being stretched.

Traditionally, penis extenders were designed with support pieces that accommodate only one of the two choices of fastening materials. This is an outdated method that has been associated with reduced blood flow to the penis. There has luckily been an advance made in the technology of penis extenders. By employing a device that is constructed with a hybrid support piece, you eliminate the danger of damaging the blood vessels of the penis due to over constriction.

X4 Labs And The Hybrid Support System 
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